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If you are facing oppressive creditors or mortgage foreclosure, bankruptcy may be a way to get your life back. 

Today, many individuals cannot secure their future unless they break the oppressive bonds of their past. Contrary to popular opinion, a declaration of bankruptcy does not necessarily mean that you lose everything.  The result depends on the individual circumstances, but many individuals can go through bankruptcy and retain their home, their car and other possessions, and start over.

A bankruptcy filing can, depending on circumstances, prevent a Bank from foreclosing on your home, even if foreclosure has begun, and to allow you additional time (one to five years may be possible) to catch up.

There are different types of bankruptcy. Some forms, such as chapter 13, are designed to allow a person to have more time to pay off his debts and to keep his property.

A chapter 7 filing may enable an individual to eliminate his credit card debt.

A chapter 11 filing may enable a business to remain in business while working out a plan for reorganization.

If you are considering bankruptcy, please contact me to discuss how I can help you.